Meet Crystal

15 years ago, I moved to Greece, NY with my young family. Neighbors quickly welcomed our family to the community as only Rochester area natives can do. Life moved quickly with three small children and soon, I started work at Regional Transit Service and the kids started school at Munn Elementary. Being part of the Spencerport Central School District family is how I initially became familiar with nuances of the Village of Spencerport and the Town of Ogden. Five years ago, I moved into Ogden's Town borders making me not only a member of the SCSD family but a member of the Ogden community.

To me, being part of the community means giving your time to community initiatives and resolving community issues. As soon as I came to Ogden I began volunteering and working on important community issues such the Town of Ogden Police Reinvention and Reform and the Spencerport School District Culturally Responsive Education Initiatives. I saw a gap in coordination of Democrats in our community, so I restarted the Ogden Democratic Committee and agreed to serve as its Leader. I was able to re-ignite my passion for Kiwanis, an international community service organization, and have been honored to serve as the Kiwanis Club of Spencerport President. I have learned a lot about our community by working on these important community initiatives. Now, I am ready to combine what I've learned with my Public Administration education and experience to help our government make the best choices for our families.

Let's Do More with Our Tax Dollars

Community members have a lot of pride in this community, but we also feel frustration. People in the Town of Ogden want to see the Town move successfully into the future. This future honors all community voices and supports residents in all aspects of their lifestyle at all stages of life. I'm ready to use my community planning experience to help the Town of Ogden develop a vision for the future and an action plan to get there. I will work with Town government to:

  • Give families more of what they need at all stages of life;

  • Protect and promote the Natural Resources in Ogden; and

  • Bring businesses to Ogden that support the community.